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Event: Lecture in school
Title: Introduction to Herpetology
Date: 9th January 2004 (Friday)
Venue: Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College, West Point, H.K.
Participants: Totally about 100 Form 7 students (aged 18-20) and a few staffs

This is the first time we gave herpetlogical lecture in a school. We believe it is also the first time in Hong Kong. Within the one-hour lecture class, we talked about features, basic knowledge, and differences between the reptiles, amphibians and arthropods. The concept and details of captive care, husbandry and conservation about the three were also covered. Simultaneously, slideshows and live reptiles were demonstrated for watching closely and even touching properly.

In the first few minutes of the lecture, the students (who were currently having their open exams) seemed rather inattentive. Before long, however, they could not help but to take breathless interest in the lecture, actively participating in listening with full attention, observing the live animals with much interest. After our President received a banner souvenir from the vice principal of the school, loud applause marked the end of the lecture successfully.

Photos of the day:

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