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Hong Kong Reptile & Amphibian Society ® is the first herp society in Hong Kong and a registered non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of the biology, conservation and husbandry of reptiles and amphibians.



  • To further the progressive study of herpetology;
  • To cultivate responsible and proper captive care and breeding;
  • To save reptiles & amphibians directly by hands-on actions and fundamentally by education;
  • To promote understanding and appreciation of reptiles & amphibians to the general public;
  • To encourage the conservation of reptiles & amphibians while fostering a shared interest in the study of their biology, natural history and ecological role


Concerned Animals

HKRAS is concerned about reptiles and amphibians in particular and arthropods, small mammals and all natural life in general.


Programs & Events

  • Seminars and other educational programs;
  • Meetings with speakers;
  • Field trips;
  • Activities of variety;
  • Adoption, rescue and rehabilitation;
  • Temporary care;
  • Articles and information regarding herpetology, herpetoculture and laws and other government actions affecting reptiles and amphibians



At the left is the official logotype of HKRAS. It consists of a snake, a lizard, and a tortoise which are the 3 major groups of reptiles, as well as the letters R, A, and S which are short for HKRAS. Furthermore, a hieroglyph is formed at the center resembling the initial word of "reptile" in chinese.

Rights to this logotype image are reserved; reuse or distribution by parties other than The Hong Kong Reptile & Amphibian Society is strictly prohibited.




The Hong Kong Reptile & Amphibian Society is registered with the Goverment of the H.K.S.A.R.
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